Altera has been delivering industry-leading custom logic solutions to customers since inventing the world's first reprogrammable logic device in 1984. Today, more than 3000 employees in 19 countries are providing even more ingenious custom logic solutions that include FPGAs, SoCs, CPLDs, and power management products.

Argosim presents STIMULUS, the first tool enabling you to debug textual requirements in exactly the same way a developer would debug a piece of code.

Are your specification documents correct? Are there missing requirements? Are there conflicting ones? Will the specified system behave as you expect?

With STIMULUS, you can:

  1. Model the requirements using a textual format close to the natural language.
  2. Debug requirements by displaying the behaviour of the specified system, enabling you to validate the requirements before moving to the design.
  3. Generate numerous test vectors, as well as test oracles, used to automatically verify the Simulink® model or actual system meet specified requirements.

Cadence enables global electronic design innovation and plays an essential role in the creation of today’s integrated circuits and electronics. Customers use Cadence software, hardware, IP, and services to design and verify advanced semiconductors, consumer electronics, networking and telecommunications equipment, and computer systems. The company is headquartered in San Jose, California, with sales offices, design centers, and research facilities around the world to serve the global electronics industry.

dSPACE is the world’s leading provider of hardware and software tools for developing and testing sophisticated electronic control systems. For over 25 years, dSPACE’s high-quality, off-the-shelf software and hardware tools have empowered engineers to design and innovate, while dramatically reducing development time and cost. dSPACE’s pioneering products such as the MicroAutoBox rapid prototyping systems, hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulators, and the automatic production code generator TargetLink have become de facto standards for developing automotive electronics.

dSPACE also has a great impact in aerospace, medical engineering, industrial automation, electric drives technology, and other industries. Academia uses dSPACE technology to nurture engineering talent. Through its headquarters in Paderborn, Germany, as well as its global network of project centres, subsidiaries, and distributors, the dSPACE staff of around 1100 supports innovations all over the world.

Embed delivers production-ready code through a model-based process, to be directly deployed onto hardware systems. Generating code from simulations means users do not receive translation or coding errors. It takes less time. It provides better quality. This is the Embed way.

Embed is the brains behind the brains, the challengers asking 'Why not?'. Embed uses a model-based process and design with a flexible approach to turn ideas into reality. Embed consistently delivers better solutions and better value, by doing it properly, by being full of right ideas.

Lauterbach is the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of hardware-assisted debug tools. With support for thousands of device types from over 70 silicon vendors, Lauterbach can provide a solution for almost all embedded designs. For users who need to certify the operation of software in markets such as automotive, medical, and avionics, Lauterback provides tools that assist by producing reports in the correct format to assist with the approval.

LDRA has developed and driven the market for software that automates code analysis and software testing for safety-, mission-, security-, and business-critical markets. Working with clients to achieve early error identification and full compliance with industry standards, LDRA traces requirements through static and dynamic analysis, to unit testing and verification for a wide variety of hardware and software platforms. Boasting a worldwide presence, LDRA is headquartered in the United Kingdom with subsidiaries in the United States and India, coupled with an extensive distributor network.

Using MATLAB® with Mentor Graphics® Questa® Advanced Simulation and the Enterprise Verification Platform (EVP) provides a seamless verification flow for HDL components alongside MATLAB components. With the EVP, you can leverage the power of debug productivity, verification management, functional coverage analysis and closure, UVM testbench support, and leading formal, CDC, and low-power solutions. Stop by the Mentor Graphics exhibit table to learn how to get the most out of your verification flow with MATLAB plus Questa.

Established in 1991, Pico Technology produces high-quality PC-based oscilloscopes that offer a modern alternative to traditional and costly bench-top test and measurement equipment. PicoScope PC oscilloscopes are used in a wide range of applications across many different industries due to their portability, USB connectivity, and outstanding value for money. Pico Technology also provides a software development kit, enabling users to create their own custom applications using a number of software languages and third-party applications, including MATLAB®. This approach allows users to control instruments directly from MATLAB, including instrument setup, data collection, and any other functionality available to the device. Pico Technology is a member of the MathWorks Connections Program.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation is a UK-based charity. The aim is to help people of all ages, all over the world, learn about computing and digital technology.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation make small computers that cost $5.00–35.00, as well as accessories including tiny cameras, add-on boards that can sense their environment, and a touchscreen display.

The foundation provides free learning resources, outreach, and educator training to help individuals use digital technology more freely.

As the home of human ingenuity, the Science Museum’s world-class collection forms an enduring record of scientific, technological, and medical achievements from across the globe. Welcoming over three million visitors a year, the museum aims to make sense of the science that shapes our lives, inspiring visitors with iconic objects, award-winning exhibitions, and incredible stories of scientific achievement.

Real-time target machines from Speedgoat are expressly designed to work with Simulink Real-Time™ to connect with physical hardware, run real-time applications created from Simulink® using automatic code generation, and verify and validate designs.

Tessella is an international analytics and data science consulting services company. Tessella is known for finding and delivering innovative and pragmatic answers to complex business and technical challenges; industries that utilize Tessella’s services include aerospace and defence, consumer goods, energy, life sciences, and science research sectors. Tessella is passionate about science and technology and committed to excellence and clients’ success. Tessella is part of the Altran Group, a global leader in innovation and high-tech engineering consulting.

Tessella’s projects make the world a better place by: increasing productivity in the development of new medicines; designing satellites to observe and understand the universe; harnessing fusion power to provide unlimited, clean energy; and minimizing risk for workers in harsh and dangerous conditions.

Thermal Vision Research Ltd. has the experience, knowledge, and time to devote to customers during the selection process, to ensure they have the correct thermal imaging equipment, software, training, and backup.

Vector supports automotive OEMs, suppliers, and related industries worldwide with a professional and open platform of tools, software components, and services for developing embedded systems. Its portfolio ranges from tools from model-based systems engineering, network design, and component testing and calibration to diagnostic development and AUTOSAR ECU software. In its solutions, Vector supports key issues such as IP/Ethernet, functional safety, and electric mobility. Over 1300 people are employed at its 14 business sites in Germany, Great Britain, Sweden, USA, France, India, South Korea, China, Japan, Austria, Italy, and Brazil.

Vector Software's VectorCAST embedded software testing platform provides the most complete and cost-effective approach to unit testing, integration testing, and code coverage. Software development organizations that need to solve complex quality problems use VectorCAST to perform dynamic software analysis. Unlike manual or semi-automated processes, VectorCAST products consistently deliver manageable and repeatable testing outcomes, enabling organizations to improve productivity, reduce risk, and maximize ROI. Founded by embedded software engineers in 1989, Vector Software is headquartered in East Greenwich, Rhode Island, with offices worldwide and a world-class team of support and technology partners.