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Journeys of Invention

Discover more of the Science Museum’s extraordinary collection with our iPad app, taking you on 14 interactive journeys through the most revolutionary scientific inventions of all time.

Journeys of Invention lets you navigate through a network of over 80 objects which you can rotate, view in close-up detail, and even operate. Step inside the Apollo 10 Command Module, encode your own secret message on a World War II Enigma Machine, and examine a flea with Robert Hooke’s 17th-century microscope.

Written by expert curators from the Science Museum and in partnership with Touch Press, Journeys of Invention is a wonderful interactive guide for anyone with an interest in science, technology, and discovery.

The app is available to download worldwide from the App Store for £6.99 ($9.99) and includes all 14 journeys.

Big Data with MATLAB

Big data refers to the dramatic increase in the amount and rate of data being created and made available for analysis. Big data represents an opportunity for companies to gain greater insight and make more informed decisions, but it also presents a number of challenges: big data sets may not fit into available memory and may take too long to process. Moreover, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to deal with big data problems.

Visit this showcase to discover the different tools that MATLAB® provides to tackle these challenges and work with data sets of all sizes.

Technology focus: Big data, data analytics

Key products: Parallel Computing Toolbox™, MATLAB Distributed Computing Server™

Using MATLAB to Explore the Internet of Things

The adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies continues to proliferate. IoT solutions span various applications such as monitoring environmental data, health monitoring, control of household appliances, and projects in the maker movement. This demo illustrates how MATLAB supports developing and deploying IoT systems, including:

  • Deploying your MATLAB scripts directly to hardware with code generation
  • Acquiring real-time data from sensors
  • Performing analytics on your data
  • Accessing and visualising the results

Technology focus: Internet of Things, data analytics, embedded devices

Key products: MATLAB Coder™, Simulink Coder™, ThingSpeak™

Machine Learning with MATLAB

Machine learning techniques are being used to make critical business and life decisions every moment of the day. Applications are hugely varied, and include medical diagnoses, engine health monitoring and prognostics, speech and handwriting recognition, automated trading, and film recommendations.

Come and find out how MATLAB can help with the challenges of:

  • Managing raw data
  • Identifying key features
  • Training multiple models
  • Performing model assessments

Technology focus: Machine learning, neural networks, deep learning

Key products: MATLAB, Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox™

Real-Time Audio Processing with MATLAB: Automatic VST Plugin Generation

Many engineers who use MATLAB for audio processing algorithm design also need to transform their ideas into interactive real-time prototypes, to validate their work through listening or evaluating it on experimental setups. That process is costly and time-consuming, and it often involves translation to languages such as C or C++.

Come and see how audio processing algorithms designed in MATLAB can be rapidly tested on third-party digital audio workstations through automatic generation of VST plugins.

Technology focus: DSP modelling and simulation, real-time audio prototyping

Key products: Audio System Toolbox™, DSP System Toolbox™

Designing, Prototyping, and Testing Video Algorithms for FPGA and SoC

As video resolutions and frame rates increase, more organisations are turning to FPGA, ASIC, and System on Chip solutions for implementing the associated processing. Discover how you can rapidly prototype high-definition video processing on hardware, accelerating design and testing workflows.

Technology focus: Video processing, computer vision, FPGA, SoC

Key products: HDL Coder™, HDL Verifier™, Vision HDL Toolbox™

Wireless Communication System Design Using MATLAB and Simulink

Modern wireless communication systems are growing in complexity and increasingly converging to standards including LTE and Wi-Fi. Come and see how MATLAB and Simulink® can be used to accelerate wireless communication system development and optimise performance, with examples across baseband communication and multi-antenna RF system design. This is relevant to users working with already deployed or future systems, including 5G, as well as standards or non-standards based systems.

Technology focus: Wireless communications

Key products: Communications System Toolbox™, LTE System Toolbox™, SimRF™, Antenna Toolbox™, Phased Array System Toolbox™

Building, Visualising, and Deploying Physical Models

Accurate plant models are key to predicting and assessing the performance of a system. Come and discover the technologies used to rapidly build and extend multidomain (mechanical, electrical, hydraulic) models.

Learn about packaging and exporting your models and interact with them through customised graphical interfaces to make the best of your modelling efforts.

Technology focus: Modelling of physical systems, 3D visualisation, deploying Simulink models

Key products: Simulink, Simscape™

Model-Based Design: Developing a Real-Time Vision Motor Controller

Do you need to take your design from the desktop to an implementation running on real-time hardware? Come and see how control algorithms designed and tested in Simulink can be automatically deployed to Speedgoat target hardware using Simulink Real-Time™.

This demo showcases a real-time vision motor controller developed by The School of Business and Engineering in Vaud, Switzerland (HEIG-VD).

Technology Focus: Design and deployment of real-time control algorithms

Key Products: Simulink Real-Time, Simulink Coder, Computer Vision System Toolbox™

Verifying Models and Code Through Automated Testing and Analysis

Design models in Simulink must be supported by appropriate levels of testing: effective methods that identify defects as early as possible. Efficient testing is just as important in speeding up development as having capable design tools. Come and discover the range of verification and validation techniques that can be applied to models and code, centered on the framework for simulation-based testing provided by Simulink Test™.

Technology Focus: Verification and validation, testing

Key Products: Simulink Test, Simulink Verification and Validation™

Controlling a Sphero Robot Using MATLAB

This demo offers a fun, interactive introduction to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) through MATLAB programming of a Sphero robot in a competitive and educational environment. MathWorks and the Science Museum jointly developed this activity. MATLAB provides the framework for control, image processing, user interfaces, and programming.

Race through an obstacle course either by:

  • Programming a Sphero robot with MATLAB
  • Controlling the Sphero in real time

Technology Focus: Control system design, robotics

Key Products: MATLAB

Crack Messages on Virtual Enigma Machines

Virtual Enigma machines powered by MATLAB will enable pairs of users to send and receive Enigma messages, experiencing what it was like to communicate in the Second World War. A real Enigma machine will also be on display, courtesy of Bletchley Park.

Advances in computing hardware and software enable users to crack Enigma messages in near real time. The time taken to crack the messages is dependent on the Enigma settings and message length, and the calculations being used to perform this cracking are explained by MathWorks staff. Parallel Computing Toolbox is also used to significantly reduce the time taken to crack messages.

Key Products: MATLAB, Parallel Computing Toolbox

System Modelling, Project Management, and Simulation

System-level modelling and simulation requires flexibility in modelling style and testing frameworks. Through the example of a system-level aircraft model, discover how the latest capabilities of Simulink are used to ease modelling, testing, and project management tasks.

Technology Focus: System-level modelling, simulation

Key Products: Simulink, Stateflow

Developing Fast and Reliable Image Processing Algorithms with MATLAB

Many image processing algorithms, such as image enhancement or image analysis methods, rely on the successful solution of a usually very complex optimisation problem. Learn how to solve a broad class of image processing tasks with a new discrete optimisation approach implemented in MATLAB. This demo showcases the power of this approach in diverse applications such as arts, medical imaging, and CCTV surveillance.

Technology Focus: Optimisation, image processing and computer vision

Key Products: MATLAB, Image Processing Toolbox™