Demo Stations

Motor Control with Systems-on-Chip

From simulation models to system-on-chip (SoC), see the implementation of a motor regulation algorithm on a heterogeneous SoC through IP core generation workflows and automatic code generation.

Deep Learning from Idea to Embedded Hardware

See a variety of deep learning applications for images, text, LIDAR, and signals, and speak with AI experts who can help you use MATLAB® to speed up and automate your open-source workflows.

Mixed-Signal Design

See accurate modeling and rapid system-level simulation to verify analog mixed-signal design flows with MathWorks and Cadence® products for IC and PCB design.

Load Forecasting System

See how MathWorks tools can be used with large-scale IT/OT infrastructure to support engineering workflows and near real-time predictive decision-making applications.

Triplex Pump with Condition Monitoring

See how a digital twin could be used to validate a conditioning monitoring algorithm developed with machine learning based on actual or simulated output sensor data.

Systems Engineering

Learn how System Composer™ can help you create architecture models including components, interface definitions, and systems behaviors that meet requirements.

Mechatronic System Design, Simulation, and Validation

See how MathWorks solutions offer engineers a multidomain simulation platform that can efficiently import data from various sources, perform tradeoff studies, enable design choices, and perform real-time testing of the design with automatic code generation.