Hyderabad Demo Stations

AUTOSAR: Classic and Adaptive Using Model-Based Design

  • Automatic modeling and code generation of AUTOSAR software components
  • Scaling from software components to compositions 
  • Importing and exporting AUTOSAR descriptions artefacts (ARXML files)
  • Simulation of AUTOSAR ECU software using NVRAM Manager and Diagnostics Event Manager services

Enterprise-Level Deployment of Polyspace® for Code Verification

  • Improve the software quality, safety, and security at the enterprise level 
  • Integration with automation servers such as Jenkins™, and bug-tracking tools such as Jira 
  • Dashboard display of software quality, project status, software defects, and code metrics

Analog, Mixed-Signal, and SerDes Design and Verification

  • New products: Mixed- Signal Blockset™ and SerDes Toolbox™ 
  • High-speed wireline interfaces 
  • Simulation data analytics
  • Customized AMS and RF training

Integrating MATLAB with Cloud and Enterprise Platforms

  • Databases (SQL, MongoDB®)
  • Analytics APIs (Athena, Azure®)
  • Data-streaming engines (Kafka, IoT hub)
  • Visualization (Tableau, Power BI) links

Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning

  • Algorithm development
  • Deployment on embedded targets
  • Working with LiDAR data
  • Reinforcement learning

Hardware Connectivity Play Area

  • Connect to hardware using MATLAB® and Simulink®
  • Auto code generation and hardware deployment of the designed algorithms on multiple hardware

Design and Prototype Wireless Systems

  • Receive LTE signals from eNodeB using four antennas of N310 platform
  • Decode master information block (MIB) and system information block (SIB) and display the parameters
  • 5G NR simulation

Sensor Fusion and Tracking for Next-Generation Radar and Autonomous Systems

  • Define trajectories and create multiplatform scenarios
  • Simulate measurements from inertial and GPS sensors
  • Generate object detections with radar, EO/IR, sonar, and RWR sensor models
  • Design multi-object trackers as well as fusion and localization algorithms
  • Evaluate system accuracy and performance on real and synthetic data

Antenna and RF Design

  • Integrating platform effects in antenna modeling
  • RF propagation with terrain
  • System simulation of RF transceivers

HDL Code Generation and Verification

  • Generate optimized (area and speed) VHDL®/Verilog® code
  • Import RTL to Simulink
  • Integrate and test legacy HDL IPs
  • Manage external memory and interface access

Architecture Modeling

  • Model system level architecture
  • Perform trade studies
  • Import and export architectures from third-party tools

Digital Twin

  • Computerized representation of a gear pump hydraulic systems using physics-based models
  • Use data from sensors installed in the hydraulic circuit to represent near real-time status and working condition of the asset
  • Identify nature of faults using sensor data 

Modeling and Control of Multi-Domain Physical Systems

  • Create and reuse intuitive system-level models
  • Import data from multiple sources, including CAD
  • Integrate the physical system and controller in a single environment

Automated Driving

  • Import driving scenarios from external sources 
  • Path planning for automated driving 
  • LiDAR processing and tracking 
  • HD map interfaces