Pune Demo Stations

Addressing Security and Safety (CERT® and MISRA Conformity) of Embedded Software with Polyspace Products for Static Analysis

Learn how Polyspace® products help you:

Hardware Connectivity with MATLAB and Simulink

Highlights include:

  • Simulink® IO on Arduino® hardware: Simulate the model and tune the algorithm with real-world I/O data
  • BeagleBone® Blue hardware support for robotics
  • Mobile app creation for Android™ and iOS devices from Simulink

Learn Model-Based Design with a Ready-to-Sim, Build, and Fly Palm-Sized Drone and Simulink

Highlights include:

  • Model-Based Design Workflow: Design, simulate, and deploy
  • Auto code generation and hardware deployment of Simulink model on the Parrot® Mambo Minidrone

Developing and Deploying a Deep Learning Based Computer Vision Application

Highlights include:

  • Training deep neural networks for object detection, recognition, and semantic segmentation
  • Visualizing network weights and tuning hyperparameters
  • Deploying deep neural networks onto embedded boards like NVIDIA® Jetson TX2

Predictive Maintenance with MATLAB and Simulink

Highlights include:

  • Data analytics workflow
  • Fault modelling in Simulink and failure data generation
  • Machine learning based fault detection
  • Automatic code generation and validation

Cloud-Based Analytics with MATLAB

Highlights include:

  • Using MATLAB® on cloud platforms like AWS® and Azure®
  • Converting MATLAB algorithms to web-based applications
  • Using cloud services like data storage (EMR), processing power (GPUs), streaming capabilities (Kafka®), and APIs (Athena)

Radar System Design

Highlights include:

  • End-to-end radar system modelling and simulation
  • Real-time radar signal processing
  • Target tracking and classification

Motor Control with Dual-Core TI C2000 MCU

Highlights include:

  • Dual motor control (field-oriented motor control of PMSM)
  • Fast signal logging
  • Advanced embedded code generation
  • Interprocessor communication between dual core processor CPUs

Wireless Communications Systems Design and SDR Prototyping

Highlights of include:

  • Develop LTE, WLAN, and 5G standards-compliant PHY
  • Field test with live RF signals through over-the-air transmission using SDR platforms
  • Deploy, prototype, and verify custom designs on SDR hardware using HDL and C code generation

Automated Driving: Closed-Loop Design with Model Predictive Control and Sensor Fusion

Highlights include:

  • Design a model predictive controller
  • Assess behavior through closed-loop simulation
  • Generate C++ code and verify with SIL simulation

Achieve Industry and Safety Standards Compliance Using Efficient Model Verification and Validation and Production Code Generation

Highlights include:

  • Industry standards compliant code generation using Embedded Coder®: MISRA and AUTOSAR
  • Find design errors early and gain confidence in the model
  • Certify to standards: ISO 26262, IEC 61508, DO 178, and IEC 62304

Field-Oriented Control-Based Motor Control Application Using System-on-Chip (SoC) Architecture

Highlights include:

  • Implement field-oriented motor control programmable SoC target
  • Utilizing ARM® and FPGA cores for effective implementation of motor control algorithm
  • Explore hardware-software partitioning: generate and deploy C and HDL code

Ground Robot and Manipulator Workflow

Highlights include:

  • Develop and implement AGV/UGV controls algorithms
  • Export of CAD assemblies from Onshape®
  • Import geometry, mass, inertia, joints, and other important aspects of the CAD model
  • Connect MATLAB and Simulink to ROS environment

Full Vehicle Simulation for Electrification and Automated Driving Applications

Highlights include:

  • Use a standard model architecture that can be reused throughout the development process
  • Perform powertrain matching analysis and component selection
  • Use these models for chassis control design and optimization

Real-Time Simulation of Microgrid

Highlights include:

  • Design microgrid systems with primary and secondary controller
  • Optimize the system for efficient utilization of renewable sources
  • Perform real-time simulation of microgrid