Bangalore Workshops

Workshop 1: Deep Learning for Computer Vision Applications Using MATLAB

  • Learn how to develop computer vision applications using deep learning in MATLAB®
  • Examples include using a pretrained network for classification, building a deep learning network from scratch, and performing transfer learning using a pretrained network

Workshop 2: System Modeling Using Simulink and Simscape

  • Learn how to model systems using the mathematical equations and physical topology
  • Examples include modeling a system in Simulink® and Simscape™, followed by importing CAD models into Simscape Multibody™ for dynamic system analysis

Workshop 3: Cody Coursework: Auto-Evaluation Framework for MATLAB Assignments

  • Learn how to use Cody Coursework™ to automatically evaluate and grade MATLAB assignments
  • Examples include the workflow on setting up a course, assignments with problem sets, creating new problems, using catalog of problem sets, and observing learning patterns