Keynote Presentations

Customer Presentations

Accelerating FASGW/ANL Image Processing Development with Model-Based Design
Andy Sherriff, MBDA

Codesign of Optimisation-Based Controllers on FPGAs
Eric Kerrigan, Imperial College London

Hydromechanical System Modelling Using Simscape and SimHydraulics
Martin Kirkman and Adam Brooke, Rolls Royce Controls and Data Services

MathWorks Presentations

Tackling Big Data with MATLAB
Ben Tordoff, MathWorks

Introductory Sessions

Introduction to MATLAB
Bet Herrera Sucarrat, MathWorks

Introduction to Parallel Computing
Elwin Chan, MathWorks

Introduction to Simulink and Stateflow
GianCarlo Pacitti, MathWorks

Modelling and Prototyping Signal Processing and Communications Systems
Graham Reith, MathWorks

Master Classes

Accelerating Innovative Design Using Low-Cost Hardware
Andrew Bennett, MathWorks

Integrating MATLAB Analytics into Business Critical Applications
Marta Wilczkowiak, MathWorks

MATLAB App and Toolbox Development
David Sampson, MathWorks

Testing, Validating, and Verifying with Model-Based Design
Phil Rottier, MathWorks

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