Keynote Presentations

How to Build an Autonomous Anything
Michelle Hirsch, MathWorks

General Sessions

Simulink as Enterprise Simulation Platform
Stephan van Beek, MathWorks

What's New from MathWorks
Paul Lambrechts and Paola Jaramillo, MathWorks

Application Track A

Model-Based Design as an Enabler for Supply Chain Collaboration
Richard Mijnheer, 3T
Stephan van Beek, MathWorks

Motor Controls Implementation on Systems-on-Chip
Jorik Caljouw, MathWorks

Verification Techniques for Models and Code
Paul Lambrechts, MathWorks

Application Track B

Machine Learning Simplified
Paola Jaramillo, MathWorks

MATLAB Analytics in Enterprise Applications
Ionut Barbu, MathWorks

Predicting Customer Behavior Using Big Data Analytics with MATLAB in the Cloud
Rachid el Mimouni, Head of Modelling, NLE (formerly Nederlandse Energie Maatschappij)